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DRAFT Bylaws of the SIG — Communication of Research, February 2009

AERA is making some significant changes in the processes for governing SIGs. Each SIG is required to have Bylaws based on a template that AERA provided and approved by the AERA Board. To get that process started, SIG co-chair, Kate Corby, took the existing SIG Bylaws and changed them to conform to the template AERA provided. The next step is to send the draft Bylaws out to the membership for comment. Please download the draft Bylaws for your review:

Draft Bylaws in Adobe PDF format
Draft Bylaws in Microsoft Word format

    Highlight of changes to the Bylaws follow. Because the organization of the template was significantly different from that of our existing Bylaws, tracking changes to highlight differences was not a useful option. There actually are very few changes to meaning, although wording is often different.
  • The major changes from our existing Bylaws: All members and officers of the SIG must be AERA members.
  • If the SIG is dissolved, all funds will revert to AERA, the existing Bylaws leave this open to the selection of any nonprofit.
  • The major changes made to the AERA Bylaws template: The template states that non-officer position holders (e.g. web manager) cannot be on the Executive Committee, wording has been changed to state that these non-officer positions don't make the position holder a member of the Executive Committee, but took out the wording that said they couldn't be on it (as for instance if they held an office as well).
  • Because our SIG is all about communicating, language has been added in the section on meetings to state that unless a meeting needed to be confidential it would be openly announced to the membership and the membership would be able to observe if they wished. The template is silent on the issue of open meetings.
  • The Nominations Committee (which is a required committee) will be a Committee of the whole (membership) until the SIG grows to 125 members at which time a traditional committee will be appointed.
After reviewing the draft, please let Kate Corby know what changes you recommend for these proposed Bylaws. Comments will be accepted until March 15, 2009. It is unclear how quickly the Bylaws will move through the approval process, however the draft bylwas will be revised in response to comments received and any revisions will be available at the SIG Business meeting on Thursday, April 16, 2009, 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm, in the San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina, the Chicago and Atlanta rooms.

Kate Corby
SIG CR Co-Chair

Current Bylaws of the SIG — Communication of Research

Article I — Name
Communication of Research (CR)

Article II — Affiliation
The organization Communication of Research is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and, as such, pays annual dues to AERA and participates in the AERA annual meeting.

Article III — Governing Authority
The Communication of Research SIG shall be governed by these Bylaws, as well as the Bylaws and articles of incorporation of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). CR Bylaws shall not conflict with the Bylaws and articles of incorporation of AERA.

Article IV — Purpose
To facilitate research on the nature of communication of educational research; to expand the understanding and promote the effective use of information technology and library-based resources in educational research.

Article V — Membership
Section 1Open: Membership in CR shall be open to any individual interested in the purpose of the organization and who pays the specified dues. Members of CR are strongly encouraged to hold membership in AERA.

Section 2Duration: The membership year extends from the day immediately following the annual meeting of AERA through the final day of the next AERA annual meeting.

Section 3Voting Rights: All members who are in good standing, fully paid on dues, shall be entitled to vote for the officers of the CR SIG. Voting may be by proxy. Proxies must be enclosed in a sealed envelope with a valid signature of the voting member on the envelop, and receive by the chairperson of the SIG one week prior to the annual meeting at which an election is to take place.

Section 4Membership Dues: Membership dues are payable immediately following the AERA annual meeting and shall be considered delinquent if not paid by June 30 of the same year. The amount of membership dues shall be determined by a majority vote of the members at the CR business meeting held during the AERA annual meeting.

Article VI — Officers
Section 1 General: Officers of CR shall be elected by majority vote of the members at a regular business meeting held at the annual meeting of the AERA. The officers elected shall comprise the executive committee of CR and shall conduct all business of CR in the interim between the annual business meetings.

Section 2 Qualifications: All members of CR and of AERA in good standing shall be eligible for election as officers.

Section 3Term: The term of office shall be one year. No person may serve in any office for more than two consecutive terms.

Section 4Offices: The following offices shall form the executive committee of CR. 1) Immediate Past Chairperson; 2) Chairperson; 3) Secretary/Treasurer; 4) Awards Chairperson., 5) Membership Chairperson, 6)Webmaster. Persons to assist these officers or to carry on other work for CR may be appointed by the chair.

Section 5Election Procedures: Each year prior to the annual meeting, the chair, in consultation with the executive committee, shall appoint a nominating committee of not less than three persons. This committee shall present a slate of nominees to the members of CR at the annual business meeting. Nominations from the floor must also be accepted. If more than one person is nominated for an office, voting shall be by secret ballot. A majority of those voting is needed for election.

Section 6Vacated Offices: In the event that an office shall be vacated before the end of the term, the chairperson shall appoint a successor to that office. If the office is that of the chairperson, the remaining members of the executive committee shall appoint an interim chair to hold office until the next annual meeting.

Section 7Compensation: No member of the executive committee shall receive a salary or other compensation for services as an officer of the SIG; but the executive committee may, at its discretion, reimburse members for expenses they have incurred in support of CR.

Article VII — Duties of Officers
Section 1Immediate Past Chairperson: The Immediate Past Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in his/her duties and provide a measure of continuity in the operation of the SIG.

Section 2Chairperson: The chairperson shall be responsible for the general administration of CR and act as liaison between the group and AERA. S/he shall preside at all meetings of the executive committee and at the annual business meeting. The chair shall appoint ad hoc committees, as needed.

The chairperson is responsible for submitting a call for papers each year and organizing the program slots made available by AERA at its annual meeting. As such, the chairperson acts as liaison with the AERA program committee.

Section 3Secretary/Treasurer: The secretary/treasurer shall be responsible for the safekeeping of all documents and official correspondence of CR, the minutes of the annual business meeting; and records of financial transactions. The responsibility for the membership list and actual financial transactions may be delegated to an executive secretary.

Section 4Awards Chairperson: The Awards Chairperson shall conduct the process of nominating candidates and selecting an article for the SIG's Best Article in an Electronic Journal Award.

Section 5Membership Chairperson: The Membership Chairperson will seek to promote the SIG and identify new members.

Section 6Webmaster: The Webmaster will maintain the SIG's web site and Listserv.

Article VIII — Meetings
Section 1
Annual Meeting: There shall be an CR business meeting held each year in conjunction with the AERA annual meeting. Arrangements for the time and place of this meeting are the responsibility of the Chairperson.

Section 2Executive Board: There shall be a meeting of the executive committee of CR each year during the AERA annual meeting and following the business meeting. The Chairperson shall call this meeting.

Section 3Governing Procedures: Roberts Rules of Order (Revised) shall govern Issues of procedure not covered by these Bylaws. The Chairperson-elect shall act as parliamentarian at all meetings of CR.

Article IX — Ratification and Amendments
Section 1
Ratification: These Bylaws of CR shall take effect upon ratification by a two-thirds vote of the members voting at a duly called business meeting or by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership by a mail ballot.

Section 2Amendments: These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members voting at the annual business meeting or by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership by a mail ballot. All proposed amendments must be in writing and be available for review by the executive committee at least 24 hours prior to the business meeting. The executive committee shall review the proposed amendment and present it to the membership with its recommendation for approval or disapproval.

Article X — Discontinuation
In the event that interest in CR shall be diminished, its purpose sufficiently fulfilled by another organization, or it is unable to sustain membership in AERA, the organization may be discontinued. The decision to discontinue shall be made by a two-thirds vote of the members voting at a duly called business meeting or by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership by a mail ballot.

Should CR discontinue, its assets shall be used to pay all outstanding bills, debts, and obligations incurred in its operation. Any remaining funds shall be donated to the American Educational Research Association or to another organization registered under Section 501C3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

2010-12 SIG Officers:
SIG Chair: Gustavo Fischman
Program Chair: Kate Corby
Immediate Past SIG Chair: Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh
Secretary/Treasurer: Jorge Delgado

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