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AERA SIG CR Annual Award

In an effort to recognize the responsibility of scholars to improve the communication of research by making their work freely available to readers on a global scale, AERA's Communication of Research SIG for several years selected an annual award for best education research articles published in an open access journal.

Now open access has begun to be implemented across academic disciplines. While we recognize that there are still serious issues to resolve before all scholars truly have open access to the totality of educational research, there are enough open access research publications each year that choosing one best is a daunting, perhaps impossible task.

The SIG is considering what type of award might replace the Best Article award. One idea is the best article about communicating research findings in educational research. We are interested in other suggestions. It is not necessary for this to be a publication award, we might also want to honor individuals.

Please send ideas to SIG Co-Chair Kate Corby.

2010-12 SIG Officers:
SIG Chair: Gustavo Fischman
Program Chair: Kate Corby
Immediate Past SIG Chair: Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh
Secretary/Treasurer: Jorge Delgado

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